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Pro bono account support from digital marketing students and volunteers around the world.

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Receive at no cost marketing help for your organization from students or volunteers certified in Google Ads

Get help with your Ad Grants account from volunteers sponsored by an advisor. Learn more about program requirements and nonprofit expectations here.

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Receive hands-on help with your ads

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1. Register

When you're ready, register to be matched with a student/volunteer team. The Nonprofit Marketing Immersion runs year-round and there is no deadline to apply.

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2. Match with a volunteer team

As soon as there’s a match available, you will be matched to a student/volunteer team that has passed the Google Ads certification exams and is led by an advisor.

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3. Launch campaigns with account support at no cost

Over the course of your partnership, your student/volunteer team will help you launch ads and deliver a post-campaign report with future recommendations to optimize your account.

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Boost your digital marketing skills with real-world, hands-on experience.

Create Ad Grants campaigns for a nonprofit who needs help to raise awareness for their cause. Learn more about program requirements and student expectations here.

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Gain hands-on experience with Google Ads

Develop valuable analytical and consulting skills

Help nonprofits make a big impact

1. Become Certified

Before you are eligible to be matched to a nonprofit client, you'll need to pass the Google Ads Search Certification and Measurement Certification exams.

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2. Register your team

Your advisor must register here first. Once your advisor’s registration has been verified and approved, one Team Captain per team needs to register here.

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3. Match with a nonprofit

Google matches you with a nonprofit client, and you spend eight weeks working to improve their Ad Grants account. Training and step-by-step guides will help you through the process.

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Success stories

See how nonprofits and students have joined forces on successful marketing campaigns.

Existing Participant?

Log in to your advisor or student/volunteer dashboard below. Please note you're only able to access this dashboard if you're already registered.

Have more questions about the program?

When is this program offered?

This program is offered year-round, and there is no deadline to sign up.

Does it cost anything to participate?

No, Nonprofit Marketing Immersion is completely at no cost for both students/volunteers and nonprofits. Every nonprofit's Google Ad Grants account comes pre-loaded with an in-kind search advertising budget of $329 USD per day.

Can I run display or video ads as part of this program?

Since this program uses the Ad Grants platform, you will only run text-based search ads.

How long does it take to be matched?

For students/volunteers: Please allow 7-10 days to be matched with a nonprofit once you've submitted your request to be matched. Note that matching is based on nonprofit availability and in rare cases may take longer than 10 days depending on language and time zone preferences.

For nonprofits: Matching is based on student/volunteer availability and average wait time is 1-2 weeks.

What preparation do you provide students/volunteers who are new to working with a client?

We provide a comprehensive toolkit for each step of the process that's available to participants after registration. We also offer several support channels for program participants, including the Nonprofit Marketing Immersion Forum and Support Request Form.

What do students/volunteers receive for participating in Nonprofit Marketing Immersion?

Participants who complete all program requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion. Those who receive top marks from their nonprofit client in the end-of-program survey will receive a Top Marketer Certificate.

How long do students work with their nonprofit once they’ve been matched?

Once you have been matched, the full program takes approximately 8-10 weeks from beginning to end. This period includes setting up and holding a kickoff meeting, time to create a pre-campaign report, setting up and running campaigns for 4 weeks, time to create a post-campaign report, and holding a closing meeting.

I'm an advisor/professor. How do I register my students for Nonprofit Marketing Immersion?

You'll need to register first as an advisor/professor using this link. Once you've been verified and approved, your Team Captain can register using this link. Note that the default number of student teams you can have as an advisor/professor is 10; however, if you need to request additional teams, you can do so by submitting a Support Request form and asking us to increase the number of teams in your dashboard.

Do students/volunteers need to have an advisor/professor in order to register?

Currently, we require students and volunteers to register under an advisor or professor in order to participate. An advisor/professor can be any registered faculty member who is willing to sponsor your work as part of this program; the Nonprofit Marketing Immersion does not need to be part of a formal course.

I have an issue or program question that is not on this list. Who can I contact for help?

Fill out a Support Request Form for general program issues or inquiries. Post a question in our forum. Refer to Ad Grants Help Center for technical account questions.