Featuring Google products in films or TV

If you would like to feature the Google logo or a Google product in a commercial, TV show, or film, please thoroughly read all of the guidelines on this site.

We won't be able to review your request unless you provide the following:

  • A synopsis of the production
  • A detailed description of how the Google product will be used
  • A production script with any relevant script pages highlighted
  • A visual mock-ups or screen shots of how the product will look on screen.

When using Google products in your film please keep in mind these baseline requirements:

  • Our product(s) must be accurately represented
  • We encourage the use of the Chrome browser
  • We prefer to see the user is signed in to their Google Account when using Google products

Regardless of the preceding items being included in your project, Google reserves the right to approve or deny your proposed use of any Google product. Please be patient as we have many requests. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to review and respond to your request.

If you want to use a Google product screenshot in your production, please review the Using Product Graphics section. If the screen shot has not been manipulated you may be able to use it without formal permission.

Requests that relate to geographic imagery from Google Maps or Google Earth should not be submitted here. Instead, please review the instructions on the Google Maps/Earth permissions page.

Request for permission to use Google Brand Features in film or TV productions