Chrome protects your privacy and puts you in control

Keeping you safe and secure online is part of Chrome’s DNA. With intuitive privacy controls, Chrome lets you adjust settings and customize a browsing experience that’s right for you.
Chrome on desktop and mobile

Confirm your online safety

Chrome's safety check helps ensure the overall security and privacy of your browsing experience. It will notify you if any passwords saved in Chrome have been compromised, flag dangerous extensions, and make sure your security protections are up-to-date.

Safety check helps ensure the overall security and privacy

Powerful controls that are intuitive to use

With Chrome’s privacy controls you can clear your browsing history, manage cookies, and controls website permissions like access to your location or camera.

With Chrome's privacy controls you can easily clear your browsing history

Security you don’t have to think about

Chrome gets updated every six weeks, so you can get the latest safety features and fixes, protecting you from security threats like malware or phishing.

Chrome automatically updates every six weeks to keep you and your data safe

Learn how Chrome helps you

From delivering a personalized news feed to convenient passwords management, Chrome is built for convenience. You can always manage your experience with Sync or privacy controls that let you delete your browser history and more.

Your browsing habits make Chrome more helpful. From delivering