Our approach to accessibility

Google is committed to making the world’s information accessible and usable to all users, including people with disabilities. In September 2013, we hosted our first ever Global Summit on Accessibility and Usability to engage with experts and advocates from around the world. We are devoted to making products that anyone can use and enjoy.

We are committed to making accessibility a core consideration from the earliest stages of product design through release. We have formed a central accessibility team with a mandate to monitor the state of accessibility of Google products and coordinate accessibility training, testing, and consulting. Product teams will be offered training to help incorporate accessibility principles into the design and release of products. We also strive to cultivate relationships with a variety of users and advocacy groups to solicit feedback.

Alternative access modes will make our products more usable by everyone, not just people with disabilities. For example, keyboard shortcuts will allow power users to get things done more quickly; speech-to-text technology will enable many users to skim and search audio content; and custom product themes will provide more opportunities to personalize the overall user experience.

We hope to have a positive impact on the current state of accessibility on the Web, and to serve an ever-larger number of users.